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Financial 援助 at Moravian University

Welcome to Financial 援助 Services at Moravian University!

When choosing the right college, making a final decision about which school is the "right fit" comes down to several factors. For most families, a major consideration is affordability. Let Moravian University's friendly financial aid experts help link you to the many available sources of financial assistance. Everything you need to start your journey at the country's sixth oldest college can be found on these pages. Let's get started!

Financial 援助 For All

Yes, You Can Afford a Private Education

Private institutions are often more affordable than you think. Underst而且ing our complete financial aid package is the first step in dispelling some of the myths about affording the private school of your choice.

神话: A private college education is expensive, 而且 very few students can afford to attend.
Moravian University is committed to making our private education affordable to as many students as possible. When you factor in the amount of financial aid that our students receive 而且 the fact that almost all of our graduates complete their degree in four years, Moravian University can be as affordable as some public institutions.

神话: Students from private institutions graduate with much more loan debt than those from public schools.
真相: 25% of students from four-year private colleges graduate with no debt; 而且 of those who borrow, the difference between the median debt level for graduates of public versus private institutions is less than $5,000, according to the Council of Independent Colleges.

神话: The college experience 而且 benefits for students are the same at private 而且 public institutions.
真相: At Moravian University, the 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio means students get the attention 而且 guidance they need to be successful. Those connections are further enhanced by the use of technology to create a more interactive learning environment.

神话: Students with a liberal arts degree are less employable.
真相: 98% of Moravian University graduates are employed or in graduate school within 10 months of graduation. Our graduates earn $14,100 more annually than the national average for other schools, according to the U.S. Department of Education's College Scorecard (December 2017).

99% of our students receive some form of financial aid.

We invest over $42 million annually in merit 而且 need-based grants 而且 scholarships to assist our students in making a Moravian University education affordable. Even our alumni donate millions of dollars every year as a way of paying it forward for the next generation.

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